Cape Fear Civil War Symposium

    May 5-7, 2017 - History fans, mark your calendars!

    Introducing the Cape Fear Civil War Symposium at Fort Caswell! This is the first ever history program hosted by Fort Caswell and to kick things off in grand fashion, we have pulled out all the stops to make an American Civil War event that is sure to please!

    For our inaugural symposium, we have chosen the theme War on the Carolina Coast, which led us to book an amazing lineup of speakers from some of the most well-respected names in field as well as some fast-rising stars.

    The symposium will feature the following lectures:
    Dr. Robert M. Browning Jr. – “None Could Be More Vigilant Than We Are.” The Federal blockade of Wilmington, NC
    Dr. Stephen Wise – Running the Blockade: an overview of Confederate blockade running near Wilmington, NC
    Dr. Chris Fonvielle – Closing Down the Kingdom: the Wilmington Campaign
    Mr. Wade Sokolosky – To Prepare for Sherman’s Coming: Operations on the North Carolina coast
    Mr. Jim McKee, Mr. Andrew Duppstadt, & Mr. Chris Grimes – Hard Luck Ironclads of North Carolina

    Break-out Classes
    In addition to great lectures, we're also hosting a morning of interactive learning through short break-out sessions on subjects such as war era photography, infantry formations, and Artillery 101 with live cannon fire!

    A tour of Fort Caswell and optional private Sunday morning tours of Fort Anderson led by Chris Fonville and Jim McKee round out the event and provide you with a unique perspective on some of the area’s most unique historic sites.

    Meals (excluding Saturday night) are included. Friday night we kick things off with a delicious banquet and after the opening lecture, a dessert and coffee break.

    Lodging is available on our campus. Save money and stay at the center of activity by staying in Fort Caswell's clean, modern, and comfortable rooms, OR pay a reduced admission price and commute from off-campus.

    Call (910) 278-9501 with any questions, we will be happy to answer!

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