Since 1949, hundreds of thousands of teenagers have passed through the gates of Fort Caswell during the summer months for camp. They come from all walks of life and quite often encounter God for the first time or feel the spark of a renewed relationship with Him, which is the heart of the mission and ministry of our week-long camps.

But before the first student sets foot on campus, Caswell is already a training ground in both community and ministry for the college-aged staffers who come to work and live on-site during the roughly ten-week summer season.

Fort Caswell has a variety of summer missions opportunities in several work areas, each of which are vital to the ministry. Spending a summer at Caswell is literally life on the beach,  but to most staffers, it’s so much more.  As summer staff, young people gain valuable work experience, immerse themselves in Christian community, and discover first-hand the joys and challenges of living in close quarters with more than 70 other young adults. The combination of the setting’s natural beauty, the demands of hard work, unique experiential worship, and new friendships all add up to a summer experience unlike any other.